Our Services

Taylors Tree Surgery


Revitalising a tree by removing the upper branches encouraging the re-growth of a dense head of foliage and branches.


Site clearance

We remove all debris caused in the processes of work undertaken, but also making good the surrounding area if required to look even better than before.



Crown clean, lift, thinning/Dead wood removal

Involves the removal of a proportion of secondary and small, live branch growth from throughout the crown to produce an even density of foliage around a well-spaced and balanced branch structure. The Crown clean removes all dead and diseased materials typically found in the branch folks



Woodland management

The future of woodlands relies on effective management, just as a garden needs constant maintenance and care to thrive. Trees must be monitored and appropriate work completed to grow healthily and safely. Invasive species such as bramble have to be managed so that they don’t dominate the wild flowers and other lower lying plants. We undertake all aspects of helping maintain a healthy woodland or copse using all the following techniques and services:-

  • Complete tree removal

  • Ground level clearance

  • Stump grinding

  • Specialist pruning

  • Tree & Hedge cutting and shaping

  • Logging

  • Strimming

  • Bushcutting

  • Rigging where required

  • Seasonal fruiting

  • Any tree preparations

Crown Reduction/Re-shape

Reducing the overall size of the tree in order to achieve good growth and shape for the future. we target prune to the best growth points, this has the effect of encouraging a stronger natural look with less light interseption and better quiality of fruits. Reductions are often required when a tree outgrows its location, reducing and reshaping allows the tree to remain in its location for many years to come with our future management. Reductions can also be carried out on trees which are beginning to decay, removing heavy limbs that may otherwise cause damage



Stump grinding

Once a tree has been removed, your left with two choices, leave it to degrade naturally, or to grind the remaining stump. both with there own benefits, ask us which would suit your specific needs, we'll make a plan, arrange a date and book you in. call, email, text or ask for a quote through the website 

All aspects of Rigging (including tight space)

Tree rigging is the art of dismantling parts of trees using ropes, blocks and pulleys. Perfect for those awkwardly shaped branches and tight drop zones where damage has to either be kept to a minimum or eliminated entirely. Tree rigging is possibly one of the most complex of all tree working situations and can involve a vast range of knowledge on subjects such as the physics, wood properties, equipment ratings, rope strengths and good working communications between a wide range of staff members.


Hedge cutting service

If you need your hedges trimmed, shaped, maintained or renovated, we can instantly transform your garden by pruning your hedges to look exactly the way you want. This can be undertaken as a one off exercise or a regular scheduled service. We tidy as we go and will always leave your gardens and fields looking immaculate when we leave.